Red Sunset



Red Sunset over the Fields, for the short story “The Girl of the Rising Sun”, by Greg Schwartz. Art Director: Melissa Shutts


… And now, some new stuff


That concludes the recap of a few things I’ve done on my hiatus from the webs. From here on out, exciting new stuff!

Smash Collab!



This was fun! My contribution for a Smash Bros collaboration with several employees from the studio. Zero Suit Samus!

A Wolf’s Tale




Illustrations for posters promoting Callanwolde Dance Ensamble’s original ballete, A Wolf’s Tale.

9 of Spades



9 of Spades for the SCAD Atlanta “Fish snd Ships” playing card deck.

Long time…


A few years ago I started this blog to showcase some of my illustration. I must admit I had not thought seriously about a freelance career, and by the time I had landed a sweet job as an illustrator for a great animated show. I currently hold the position of Lead Illustrator on FX’s Archer. I stopped posting shortly after.

I never felt needed to be diligent with this page, what with my steady job and all. But after two years of inactivity and rarely ever drawing outside the studio, I feel now that something has been missing. I’ve learned a lot working in the studio, and I believe it’ll show in my works to come. So I’ll be back, posting more regularly. Enjoy your visit

The new shiny iThingy


"Apple condom", iCap

I know it may be a little redundant, but given Apple Inc.’s latest proclivity to sue I find it necessary to repeat the following legal disclaimer as well as to add some protection of my own:

The use of the Apple Inc. logo, the reference to the white minimalist background and advertising design, the font, the illustration, and the text included in this portrayal of Apple Inc., Apple product users, and their interdependent relationship, constitutes a parody and thus is to be considered fair use.  Neither the creator of this image nor anyone holding or distributing a copy intend to portray his/herself as the owner of the Apple Inc. logo, gain any profit directly associated with the use of the logo, or try to impersonate a representative of Apple Inc. in any way.  This image was created by illustrator Ferni Vazquez.  The illustration of the prophylactic wrapper and the concept of the term iCap as an allusion to the barrier birth control method are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.

Out for a while…


Whoa! I never imagined work at an animation studio would be so draining.  Haven’t posted anything for months, and quite honestly, beside the occasional doodle, I have not taken enough time for myself and personal projects, much less any freelance. That’ll change soon enough.  In the meantime, thanks for visiting.

Elephant in Wisconsin (revisited)


"Walker Recall", "Wisconsin Recall"

It was about a year ago that I created a piece on the worker’s right issues in Wisconsin.  In light of the issue of the Scott Walker recall taking a stage in the following months, I decided to revisit that old piece and, since it’s an unpublished work anyway, why not change edit it to make it more current?  On the road to the recall the gov has piled up an enormous sum of money and support from moneyed interests, what’s left is to see if the will of the people of WI is enough to counter the behemoth

All Those Women of Comfort


"birth control", "Sandra Fluke", "All male panel", "contraception", "Mary Magdalene"

a personal project.  Portrait of Sandra Fluke as Mary Magdalene and the all male congressional panel on contraception.  One of the many characterizations of Mary Magdalene was that she was a prostitute, yet she is one of the most prominent female figures of the New Testament.  It was almost natural to make the parallel to show the victimization of women who stand and speak.  So, here’s to all those “women of comfort”, who happen to be the grand majority of American women at some point or another in their lives, and all those women who like their voices to be heard and their bodies to be theirs.